Solar Permanente, as a part of the Solid Base Construction Corporation, with many years of experience in the field of solar, battery storage, and roofing solutions for residential and commercial customers, is committed to providing our clients with premium, cost-effective energy solutions to significantly reduce commercial and residential utility costs, save money, and protecting the environment with green energy

We guarantee value for your dollar, top-quality products, fast delivery, and superior customer service.  Solar Permanente is a proud provider of products manufactured by world-renowned companies that play a major role in transforming the planet today into a greener and more sustainable one.


Free yourself from the rising cost of energy with our affordable Solar Power Systems and start reaping the benefits now. Solar energy is clean, reliable, abundant and most of all it’s free. Why pay for energy? Investing in solar energy will guarantee:

  • Inflation-proof energy supply
  • Energy Independence
  • Huge returns on investment
  • A sustainable and reliable source of energy for the next 25 years.

CSLB# 902181