The Benefits Of Going Commercially Green

Commercial solar is a great way for your businesses to reduce, or even completely eliminate your electric bill while utilizing clean, green energy. By going solar we can take your electric costs virtually out of the question which is great for minimizing overhead to improve cash flow.

The benefits of going solar partially or entirely for your business offer a variety of benefits. Not only do you gain the benefits of renewable energy, but you will also work with a team of our expert, certified team at Solar Permanente, to design, plan, install, and maintain the highest efficiency of your solar system. Our team is certified, insured, and bonded and deliver so much more than just solar system for your business. We’ve been serving California for more than a decade, and when it comes to business and solar systems, we are here to serve you with 100% customer satisfaction.


Improves cash flow immediately

Decreases operating costs & generates additional revenue for your business

Governmental Rebates, Credits & Incentives

Commercial solar is eligible for a variety of federal and state incentives, up to 70% of the solar cost.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Meet sustainability goals & strengthen environmental and corporate social responsibility credentials

Energize Your Business With Green Affordable Energy

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